About The Show

We get it.

You're a busy person and you don't have time to listen to all the podcasts you've subscribed to. Nor do you want podcasts that drag on, with pointless rambling from opinionated hosts or other irrelevant content.

That's why we've taken a different approach.

Nerd Factor 15 is a podcast that brings you the week's tech, gadget, entertainment and pop-culture news in around 15 minutes. No babble and no nonsense. Just the major stories and news from the week delivered in an interesting and easy to digest format.

New episodes are released every Sunday afternoon.

What's On Offer?

Each week Nerd Factor 15 focuses on the week's important news stories from both Australia and abroad. Tech topics include events and happenings from the IT and hobbyist sector, security, government policy, the Internet, social media, IoT, green tech, e-commerce and new product & service releases.

Entertainment and pop-culture is important also, covering topics such as film and television industry news, gaming and streaming platforms.

The show strictly avoid trashy tabloid gossip news, as no one really cares about the Kardashians, right?

Your Host

Nerd Factor 15 is produced and presented by Andy Blume.

Andy is a Melbourne-based radio presenter and producer, with over 20 years experience across the ICT industry.

Most recently he's produced and co-hosted Geeks Interrupted, a weekly tech-based program airing on 94.1FM 3WBC. Geeks Interrupted broadcast over 330 episodes live between 2013 and early 2020. Andy continues to present music programs regularly on 3WBC.